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Biotech beleeft topjaar; Engelsen melden zich in Amsterdam

Entrepreneurs News: Biotech experiencing peak year, British report after Brexit in Amsterdam and Ivanka Trump accused of plagiarism.

1. Biotech experiencing record year

The biotech sector with 4.4 billion euros last year brought a record amount of private investment, evidenced by figures from industry association HollandBio . A large portion of those proceeds on account of drug maker Acerta, which was acquired for 2.3 billion euros. It also appears that the Dutch life sciences sector was twice as high between 2005 and 2015, so there are now more than 24,000 people working in over 450 companies. To maintain that growth HollandBio include advocates a national fund for startups in the life sciences. “At present, these companies too much effort to bridge the gap to overbruggen between early public financing and investments by venture capitalists at a later stage.” It would also gezondheidsfondsen such as Nierstichting or KWF, often in startups to invest rather than mainly in research.
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