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Directions to our Breda (Teteringen) Office

INCO Business Group Breda
Laanzichtweg 60-B (Don’t go into the dead-end street at the end of the Laanzichtweg, but please follow the ‘INCO’ signs)
4847 SJ Teteringen (City of Breda)
Tel: 0031765870401

If you come by car, or by taxi, please use house number 105 in your GPS (Google doesn’t find our office properly).

Coming from: Amsterdam, Utrecht

At the interchange Knooppunt Everdingen, use the right 2 lanes to follow signs for E311/A27 toward Gorinchem/Breda. Then, after approximately 45 kilometers, take exit 17 Oosterhout-Zuid toward Oosterhout-Zuid/Rijen. When continuing towards Oosterhout-Zuid/Rijen, follow the signs for ‘Oosterhout’ and turn right onto Europaweg. After 200 meters on the Europaweg, turn left onto Beneluxweg.

Continue on the Beneluxweg for 1.4 kilometers, turn right onto Burgemeester Materlaan. Continue on the Burgemeester Materlaan for 1.7 kilometers and then turn left onto Bredaseweg. Follow this road until you reach a bus stop which will be to your left. Take a left on that intersection to continue on the Heiackerdreef.

On the Laanzichtweg, turn left on the 5th intersection after about 150 meters. At the end of Laanzichtweg, before the ‘dead-end’- signs, please go left (follow the sign ‘INCO Business Grouo’)

Then after about 600 meter our parking place is at the right hand side, opposite Horse Training School Balemans. It’s in a very quiet area, where we just moved to, so we are still working (parking place, etc,) Apologies for any inconvenience.

Public traffic (from Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol Airport)

You can choose to reach the Breda office from Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Centraal.

From Schiphol Airport, there are two ways you can reach Breda Central station. Firstly, you can take the Intercity Direct Train from Schiphol Airport to Breda, which will take you to Breda directly.

On the other hand you can also take the Intercity Train from Schiphol Airport to Den Haag HS. Once you have arrived at Den Haag HS you can transfer to the Intercity Train in the direction of Eindhoven, and leave the train once it stops in Breda.

From Amsterdam Central station, you can also choose to take the Intercity Direct Train towards Breda, which will take you directly to Breda.

Furthermore there is also the option to travel via ‘s-Hertogenbosch. From Amsterdam Central station, take the Intercity Train towards Maastricht, which will take you to ‘s-Hertogenbosch station. In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, transfer to the Intercity Train towards Roosendaal. This train will take you to Breda.

When you arrive in Breda, you can call our office and ask if Melanie is available to pick you up from the Central station.

Taking the bus

If you prefer to go by bus, you can find our office with the following directions.

Exit the train platforms via the downwards staircases and check out with your ticket. If you look up, you will see signs that point towards the bus station.

Once arrived at the bus platform you will see that there are several different bus stops, each marked with a letter. Move towards block ‘E’. At this bus stop, you will see the following buses arrive:

Take any one of these three buses and they will take you to the bus stop which is nearest to our office. Once on the bus, kindly exit the bus at the bus stop called ‘Donkerstraat’. If necessary, you can always ask the bus driver to give you a heads up once you arrive at the designated bus stop.

Once you have arrived at the ‘Donkerstraat’ bus stop, head towards the direction of the Jumbo supermarket, which is about a 100 meters opposite of the direction where you came from.

Take the first left into the Donkerstraat/ and continue for about 500 meters until you reach the Laanzichtweg. Between the bus stop and the Laanzichtweg you will walk past the side of the Jumbo and a gas station. After the gas station, (please note it is located inside a garage) cross the first intersection and continue on that road.

To your left you will see a school. Keep following the road until it turns into a curve towards the left. Continue on this road and take a right on the second intersection to continue on the Laanzichtweg.

Walk all the way down the Laanzichtweg until you see an ‘INCO BUSINESS GROUP’ sign pointing to the left. Once you take a left and follow this road you will pass a company called ‘Tools2Work’. Continue on this road and you will see a horse training school to your left. Opposite of the horse training school is our office.

You can plan your trip at (both web version and app version are available)