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Geert Wilders vestigt bedrijf in Breda

PVV leader Geert Wilders for his company OnLiberty found a spot at the Takkebijsters in Breda. OnLiberty would be designed to regulate the conduct of rights to “intellectual property”. It is mainly about movies and books.

The Takkebijsters he shares an office with the automation Coso which include trades in software for detecting expo Ieven zoal Semtex, night vision and resources for border security.

Wilders shares his own front door inside the building with the company Inco Bizz dedicated to providing from advantageous tax advice. According to the website the company knows everything about tax havens. “Tax evasion is often an important part of our financial services,” it reads in partner Inco Trust Group.

The neighbor OnLiberty is Blue Security. That security of two Moroccans has been taken over by the Helmond SafeNed. A spokesman for the company says nothing about the arrival of Wilders to Breda.

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