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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 16, 2016 |

IinH Customs

Customs and taxation – Why invest in the Netherlands?

…because the Dutch Customs offer a proactive and facilitating approach

The Netherlands provides a strategic location to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Many international companies use the Netherlands as location for their European supply chain operations; as point of entry into the EU market for intercontinental freight by sea and air, or as location for central-, bulk- or regional distribution centers. The central geographical position of the Netherlands, combined with accessibility and an excellent infrastructure are only some of the reasons why numerous European, American and Asian companies have established their facilities in the Netherlands.

The country is famous for its expertise in international trade, and excellence in transport and logistics. Another reason why many companies choose the Netherlands as a location for their European logistics is that the Dutch Customs authorities are well-known for their practical and pro-active approach towards facilitating international trade and customs procedures. This fact supports the Netherlands’ preferred status as a country in which to locate importing activities.

The Dutch Customs offers a special service to international companies that are interested in the Netherlands as location for their European supply chain operations. An overview of the Dutch customs processes, especially aimed at foreign companies, is presented on their website ( in_ enig_ menu/customs_ processes/customs_ processes) in an informative film which provides a simple, clear overview of the processes, procedures and requirements to ship goods to, or through, the Netherlands. This includes explanations on what forms are required, before and during the shipment, clear definitions on the differing procedures for import, transit, export or exit shipments, and how to ease all forms of transport to speed up the process.

“With the advent of electronic tracking and shipment of goods, the Dutch Customs authorities are committed to implementing a state-of-the-art system to allow the fastest, easiest, and most consistent procedures to move companies’ goods to and through our country,” said the customs foreign investment desk. “Modern supply chain processes and ‘just-in-time’ delivery systems demand nothing less. Through the creation of a centralized clearance procedure, our goal is to create a seamless movement of goods from packing to delivery.”

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