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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | September 26, 2017 |

INCO Breda Event 2017

Access your new market – get incorporated! Don’t miss out on your most important milestone of this year. Get ready to get your company global, and establish your new office in your target country. The next few months we will be counting down to the global entrepreneurs week in November. By registering for this unique event, you will not just be counting down, but you will be making steady progress to get your new company incorporated!

‘IMB 2017’ is a no nonsense event, participated by hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world, looking to expand their business and looking for the expertise and tools to do so. ‘Incorporators’ and experts from all over the world will be available for one on one meetings, presentations and of course to incorporate your company ON THE SPOT!


INCO means Business is a business support program which has been specifically designed for SME entrepreneurs who plan to access a new market. During the program, participants receive intensive consulting from experienced local and international entrepreneurs and experts on how to successfully establish their business.

We will prepare all the necessary steps for you, so you will be able to establish your company during your visit to The Netherlands. Our program is Free of Charge, and only requires very limited of your time and involvement. This way you can focus on your core business, while being certain that you will meet your goals for expansion this year!

During the event, the 15-16th of November, the entire program will come together in a buzzing atmosphere of getting things done! Lawyers, notaries, tax experts, market entry specialist, marketing guru’s, housing specialists, and many more will all be present to make sure you don’t get just the information, but you are able to get things done!

You will be able to learn from interesting speakers at the large stage, join workshops/presentations, and we can arrange one-on-one meetings for you. Check out our social media in the weeks to come, to get an impression on the amazing things we will do during the event. Register now, program tickets are limited!


  1. Get connected with important people from various industries such as:
  2. Banks, Corporate Finance intermediaries, government officials, (immigration) lawyers, accountants, and several industries will be represented.
  3. Exposure for your company in the Western European market and promotion of your services.
  4. Gain knowledge on the Netherlands/Belgium/German markets from entrepreneurs with experience in these markets.
  5. All-in Company formation within 2 days, including opening of the bank account.
  6. ·5 Easy access to our e-Business Development Program.

About INCO Business Group

Our mission is to assist companies start their business in foreign markets to flex its muscles. INCO Business Group is one of Europe’s best connected incorporators, who can add true value to your company. We provide substance and value to your company offering business development programs to ensure a successful entrance of foreign market.

Our legal and tax experts help you determine the right strategies and corporate structures, while our operational teams offer all corporate services in-house, such as registered office services, banking, corporate secretarial, and much more.

INCO Business Group is a innovative firm, disrupting the traditional Corporate & trust industry by providing free feasibility consults, and its unique approach. INCO Business Group regularly hosts professional (startup) events worldwide, where entrepreneurs can incorporate their companies in the spot. Company formation in Europe and UAE has never been this easy.

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