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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 11, 2016 |

INCO’s First Private Flight Service Trial Run

INCO’s First Private Flight Service Trial Run.
Here at INCO Business Group we believe that the best way to develop something is to go out and experience it first-hand and our new private airline service is no exception!

In September 2015, we made the decision to instruct our lifestyle manager to organise the whole experience for us! We wanted to have a beer in Dublin and meet with Jordan Belfort (author of The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’) who was to be in Dublin for an event that month.

To be clear, we aren’t Wolves of Wall Street ourselves and the private flight service was just as unique and exciting an experience for us as it would be for you which is why we want you to experience this service just like we would ourselves – tailored to perfection!

In an attempt to accomplish this, we have integrated a lifestyle management service into the experience as we feel this is an important factor, especially nowadays, when urgency can play a very important role in business and having someone to manage your trip can make all the difference.

We understand that you, our entrepreneurs, are very busy and sometimes simply don’t want to spend a night abroad in a hotel when you have family at home waiting for you which is why INCO Business Group has created a tailored service allowing you to fly back home if you aren’t able to find a commercial flight.
A day flying in INCO’s private airline!

The event at The Royal Dublin Society in Ireland started at eight thirty in the morning so the plan was simple – Take off from the Netherlands and arrive in Dublin by eight.

Thanks to the KLM Jet Center in Rotterdam our departure went to plan and we took off in the Piaggio Avanti which proved very comfortable and spacious for its category.

The in-flight experience was thoroughly enjoyable too! The noise was kept to a minimum (thanks to the propellers which faced backwards), the flight itself was stable and comfortable and we were even served breakfast inflight.


Having landed in Ireland on time, we were then greeted at the airport by our taxi driver who drove us to the venue in Dublin. Our day at the event went to plan with the help of our Lifestyle Manager who had even hooked us up with VIP tickets – meaning we had access to front row seats at a conference which covered multiple speeches from sales experts worldwide!

When lunch time rolled around, it was time for a beer and a bite to eat so we made our way to the Dublin pub conveniently located across the road from the venue for a long lunch.

With the event finally coming to a close later that evening we had one last stop to make before finally heading back to the airport at seven thirty in the evening – It was time for our meet and greet with Jordan Belfort which had been once again seamlessly organised by our lifestyle manager.

Dennis Vermeulen
Jordan Belfort (Author of Wolf of Wallstreet) and Dennis Vermeulen (CEO, INCO Business Group)

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