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Lading varkenslapjes uit de Bahama’s? Niet echt logisch

Not just the wealthy and big business, whether simple pub-owners and plant breeders have a company in a tax haven, is evident from the Panama Papers. How do they get it? Not with us, say tax advisers.

Small business type butcher around the corner. They meet regularly to visit Sanne van den Elst of Jongbloed Tax Lawyers in Enschede. ,, And then they usually say something along the lines of: I do not want to pay taxes in the Netherlands. How can I do that? ”

They arrive at Van den Elst is no coincidence:. The establishment of international structures among his specialties And so the corner butcher has to put things together: he reads everywhere that the simple one is legal to evade taxes through tax havens, and this man could help him.

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