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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 16, 2016 |

Made in Holland chemical industry May2013


Activate. React. Convert. The Dutch chemical industry owes its success to creating strong synergies: between multinationals and SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurs, societal issues and green solutions. This brochure offers a fine opportunity to learn about the innovative chemical industry in the Netherlands. You likely already know the big players, such as Akzo Nobel, DSM and Shell, but did you know that a large number of Dutch SMEs are involved in groundbreaking innovations that will deliver a significant boost to the economy in the coming years? These companies benefit from the fruitful cooperation between industry, academia and government in the Netherlands, which contributes to an export-driven climate and high-level education, research and open research. Not to mention the geographical location of the Netherlands as gateway to Europe, an excellent logistical network and attractive investment climate. Get the synergy. The chemistry is already there.

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