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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 16, 2016 |

Netherlands Living Environment

The Netherlands in a Nutshell

With its long successful tradition in worldwide commerce, the Netherlands applies the same open-minded principles to making its society work for both natives and newcomers. Thanks to its coastal location, foreign (and lucrative) adventures in colonial times, stirring history and a tradition of socially conscious governments, the country has extensive experience in adapting to the needs of others.

About 90 percent of the 16.5 million inhabitants of the Netherlands live in urban areas. The so-called Randstad, the western part of the country, is the most urbanized. The province of South Holland follows closely behind: nearly one in every three hectares there are used for residential, industrial, recreational or transportation purposes. The average national population density is 482 per square kilometer, one of the highest in the world.

Holland or the Netherlands?

The country’s official name is the Netherlands, which means the ‘low lands’ as, in fact, 60 percent of this country is below sea level. When the Europeans were out conquering the world, it was the Dutch from the Netherlands and in particular the provinces North and South Holland, who were to be found across the globe. For this reason, it became common to refer to their country as “Holland”.

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