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However far your ambitions reach, the INCO Business Group is at your side to help you realise them. With pioneering advice and international services, we are your gateway to Europe and the Middle East, we help you conquer new markets and we make international business enjoyable and fiscally appealing.

What we do
We provide information, advice and guidance for setting up a business or corporate structure abroad. Location, legal form, investment, legal matters, immigration, etc.; everything is addressed. Our experience and expertise means we know the routes to take, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. In short:

  • Advice and guidance with business establishment, bank and tax issues in Western Europe and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Setting up the corporate structure that is optimal for you.
  • Services aimed at making it easier to do business internationally; arranging legal entities, domicile services, tax number, bank account and secretarial support, etc.
  • Greater turnover, thanks to advice on marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Establishing contacts with potential customers in new sales markets.
  • Structuring the total bookkeeping.
  • Help with the immigration procedure.
  • Dedicated lifestyle services.


Pioneering enterprise
Since 2007, we have helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs from 27 countries set up an international business or corporate structure. Our expertise lies in, among other areas, the offshore industry, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, import and export, intellectual property and immoveable property. Setting up companies worldwide is what we do every day. In doing so, we always look at it through your eyes: the eyes of the entrepreneur. We work pragmatically, expertly and focused on a solution. Because of the international nature of our work, we are available 24/7, if desired.

We speak your language
Our consultants speak the international language of business. They can also talk with you in your own language. We speak English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Luxembourgish and Dutch.

We do it together
Thanks to international cooperation, we have a valuable network of accountants and financial advisers in virtually every one of the world’s renowned financial centres. We work with more than 50 tax lawyers, accountants, lawyers and administrative employees.

The INCO Group, pleased to meet you!

Dennis Vermeulen | Founder and chairman of the board

dennisMarried and father of four children. Became acquainted with the accountancy sector and Tax and Customs Administration during his study of Tax Law & Economics. Quickly decided to explore the world and ended up in corporate services. His hunger for personal development and discovery led Dennis to spend time working and living in locations such as Cyprus, Luxembourg and Belgium. He also spent two years travelling frequently between offshore financial centres like Hong Kong, Dubai and Curaçao.

Nice to know

  • Helped set up the INCO Group in Hong Kong.
  • Since 2010 has set up more than 1,000 companies and supported various businesses on the management level.
  • Enjoys being involved in the startup phase of a business and in approaching new markets.
  • Has been involved in online and offline ventures in online travel, mobile content services, social betting and import/export (Asia and Africa).
  • Has a vast network in more than 27 countries.
  • Is very knowledgeable in various sectors thanks to his intensive collaboration on (tax) restructurings.

Get to know the rest of the executive team:

Hilbrand Nawijn | Immigration Expert

Hilbrand’s experience as director IND and former Minister of Immigration in the Dutch government, is very helpful for the clients of INCO Business Group who are looking not only to re-locate their company to Netherlands, but also like to become residence in The Netherlands.

Raymond Faber | International Business Consultant

Has been involved with INCO since university, worked for INCO Trust Amsterdam and helped set up the office in Breda. Here, he was mainly involved in marketing foreign bank accounts and registered office addresses in the Netherlands and abroad. After that, Raymond specialised in setting up businesses worldwide, with a focus on countries like the Seychelles, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Panama and Luxembourg.

During this period, he advised entrepreneurs worldwide on tax planning, asset protection and international banking. In recent years, he has focused mainly on the international market demand: The Netherlands as country of establishment, and he is helping expand the foundation of the new office in Dubai.

Ario Soltani | Specialist in Business Development, Marketing & Communication

Iskandar Soltani (Ario), married and father of two children, works as a marketing and communication specialist and focuses on business development from our office in Amsterdam. Since 1993, he has set up a number of undertakings, including Stichting Persepolis, Simorgh film products and Sol Media.

Has worked for, amongst others, the Ministry of Justice, the municipality of Amsterdam, Amstelland police, ROC Amsterdam, Welzijn Amsterdam, PION Amsterdam West, NOB TV and various networks/broadcasters.

In his role as business development specialist, he builds a bridge between the Middle East and Western Europe.

Eduard Vidal | International Business Consultant

Eduard Vidal is our General Manager in Barcelona, Spain.

After completing his Business Studies, he incorporated his first company on behalf of a client in 1993 and since then has enjoyed a lengthy career in business management. Eduard Vidal is involved with INCO Business Spain since 2015.

Get in touch with Eduard and his team to discuss how to grow your Spanish business:
T: +34 931816801

yuriYuri Strishni | Business Development Ukraine and Russia

Based out of Kiev, Yuri is our go-to man for the Ukrainian and Russian markets. A practicing legal attorney since 2010, he has experience and expertise in Business, Corporate, International Taxation and International Private Law.

Whether it’s legal advice, tax advice or business development, Yuri has helped clients from all over the world develop and expand their businesses. Experience with different legal jurisdictions give him the knowledge to have a solution for almost every obstacle you may encounter.

fabianoFabiano Prisco | Business Development Latin America

Originally from Brazil, Fabiano is a Start Up specialist with clients and investments in Sao Paulo, Miami and Amsterdam. As a global entrepreneur, he speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish, English and is in the process of learning Dutch.

Based out of the Netherlands for the last 2 years, he is INCO Business Group’s Latin America specialist. His focus is to make it as simple as possible for Latin American clients to set up and grow their businesses in countries across Europe.

Dr. Basam Alagil
Dr. Basam Alagil | SME Support Consultant Saudi Arabia

Dr. Bassam Alagil work experience in banking, education, start-up projects and public sector has allowed him to build up an excellent understanding of entrepreneurship and SME needs to grow businesses worldwide.

Dr. Alagil, worked and studies experience in various countries including the UK, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and his strong personality make him a well-rounded entrepreneur and SMEs’ business consultant.

Dr. Bassam Alagil, PhD in Entrepreneurship & SMEs Support
Mobile : +966 50600 6564 (Saudi Arabia)
Email :’

Anyone who wants to excel nationally must build bridges internationally

INCO has four independent offices and is represented in all the important financial centres. Our head office is in Amsterdam and we have locations in Breda (the Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Dubai. Via joint ventures, representative offices and local partnerships, we are represented in more than 25 countries. We are taking our next steps in Russia and India.

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