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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 18, 2016 |

Port Transportation

Sea Transport – Dutch ports

The location and quality of a port usually is a decisive factor for foreign companies when setting up their European supply chain. Dutch seaports range from the large multi-purpose ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the more specialized ports of Flushing, Terneuzen and Groningen Seaports. The ports provide a full range of cargo-handling facility services and excellent multi-modal onward connections into Europe.

The Port of Rotterdam has been Europe’s number one port for both tonnage and container transshipments for many years and is one of the world’s most important hubs when it comes to cargo traffic. It is also the best starting-point for efficient intermodal transport into the European market. For most major container liner companies, Rotterdam is the first port of call in Europe, which, as a result, attracts large flows of goods. The network of the Port of Rotterdam includes a number of deep-sea cargo terminals, hundreds of logistic service providers and excellent hinterland connections. In addition, Rotterdam offers tailor-made solutions for all types of cargo and volumes.

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