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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 18, 2016 |

Rail Transportation

Rail transportation

The Netherlands’ share of international rail transport in 2009 is relatively high (77% ) compared to other EU-countries due to the fact that it is strategically situated in the heart of the European market and boasts the key import ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam with excellent onward connections to the hinterland by rail and various other modes of transport. As companies are looking for alternative modes of transport to avoid congestion and the rising costs of road transport, and governments stimulate the use of rail transport, more and more investments are being made to expand and improve the rail infrastructure, making it even more attractive on many transport routes. One of the main advantages of transport via rail is that there is no congestion, making it a very reliable mode of transport. Rail freight is also very safe and environmentally-friendly. Due to the high axel loads, rail is also especially suited for the transportation of heavy volumes such as wet and dry bulk, and rail transport is less susceptible to fuel cost fluctuations.

Rail transport offers opportunities for any type of load to many destinations. In addition to containers a variety of goods is transported by rail. A large share consists of chemical products, waste, coal, ores and steel. But also less obvious products, such as cereal, cars, agricultural machines, paper and perishable goods In 2010, 16% of all freight transport in Europe was carried by rail and there is still room for growth. Rail transport is a supply chain supportive mode of transport and in combination with road transport it can offer excellent multimodal onward connections within the European Union and beyond.

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries within the EU as far as the introduction of competition in rail transportation is concerned. Users of rail transport in the Netherlands have a choice of various competing train operating companies for rail freight services, offering door-to-door services and delivering traction for container shuttle services.

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