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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 18, 2016 |

Road Transportation

Road transportation

Road transportation Road transportation is a fast and flexible transportation mode, offering door-to-door service to virtually all destinations.The share of road transport in all freight transportation on Dutch territory is 46,3% (inland waterways 35,2% , rail 5,3% and pipeline 13,2% ). Nearly 47% of all goods in Europe are transported by road, and about 13% of all cross-
border road transportation of goods (tons) within the European Union (EU) is carried out by Dutch transport companies.

The Netherlands has an extensive, modern and well-maintained road and highway network that integrates seamlessly into the European one. And with around 12,000 transport companies ranging from very small, one-truck operations to large international
players, ample services are available. The Dutch transport industry has an excellent reputation, and thanks to free competition and minimal government intervention, Dutch transport companies offer the best price-quality ratio for transportation and distribution services in Europe.

EUROSTAT statistics show that the Dutch road haulage is losing ground in favor of Poland. The Netherlands ranks third after Germany and Poland in international road freight transport in Europe (2010). Transport tariffs to and from the Netherlands tend to be lower than in the other countries surveyed, making Dutch inbound (air, ocean, and barge) and outbound (road) transport industries more attractive to customers.

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