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Twee keer klikken en je hebt een bv op de Bahama’s

You need not be a Starbucks to find fiscal shortcuts. Even little ones moving over the border.
“A bit of an eye-opener,” Secretary Wiebe called it this week. “Surprisingly,” Minister Dijsselbloem found the news from Panama Papers hundreds of Dutch, including a horse trader, a boat maker, a bar owner, a nursery and a drain cleaner, via a Panamanian intermediary companies set up in tax havens.

Yet it may be for the ministers as no surprise that not only multinationals like Starbucks and Ikea ingenious use tax structures. If only because ‘their’ tax investigation service FIOD in 2014 invaded by the Hague Jurists College (HJC), which was known for rigging exotic tax structures for SMEs.

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