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Veel Griekse en Italiaanse euro’s in Zwitserland

Whoever the banks no longer trust in the euro area may decide to put his savings in a bank established in a non-euro country.That is not always easy. In many countries is a proof necessary that people there actually lives and works before the bank will contribute to opening an account. As a result of globalization, it is in some cases, according to De Nederlandsche Bank, became slightly easier, especially for people who work in one country but not stay there. “As the employer must deposit your salary into a bank account.”

It is possible to travel to certain countries with a suitcase full of money and that there to set up an account in a different currency. These include the tax havens such as the Channel Islands, Liechtenstein and Caribbean islands. But in most cases, it must be shown that the money does not come from criminal activities.

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