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 Dennis Vermeulen

By Dennis Vermeulen | July 18, 2016 |

WiH fiscal 8March2016

Incentives & Taxes in the Netherlands: Stimulating Foreign Investment and Entrepreneurship


With a competitive corporate income tax rate in Europe—20% on the first €200,000 and 25% for taxable profits exceeding €200,000—as well as a number of attractive incentive programs, the Netherlands offers a supportive fiscal climate for international companies. Holland offers a wide tax treaty network, special measures for highly skilled expats and certainty in advance of future tax positions—just a few of the features that help multinational companies to thrive in the Netherlands.

Attractive features of the Dutch tax regime include

Relatively low statutory corporate income tax rate of 25% (20% for first 200,000 Euro)
Possibility of obtaining advance tax rulings from the Dutch tax authorities giving certainty on future tax position
Innovation box resulting in an effective corporate tax rate of 5% for qualifying profits
R&D tax credit for qualifying R&D wage costs and other R&D expenses and investments (WBSO)
Tax relief schemes for environmentally friendly investments (MIA/Vamil)
Tax relief program for sustainable energy (EIA)
Favorable participation exemption regime

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